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Maine "The County" – Nature speaks to us in many ways, although never more evident than in the voice of Ruth Abbott. A certified herbalist, Ruth speaks from the heart with a comforting and important message. Ruth believes “to heal oneself, one must do more than eat the berries”. Medicine plants are Ruth’s primary passion, however, treating the whole person and focusing on one’s individual needs is what makes her unique.

Born and raised in St. John, Maine, Ruth is one of sixteen children who knows first hand the healing properties of fresh organic food, wild berries, teas and the power of a good natured spirit. Ruth and her brothers and sisters, brought up on spring tonics, remember remedies passed down from generation to generation. Mother nature provided Ruth’s large family with what was needed to avoid costly doctor visits and expensive store-bought medications. From her great grandmother’s early discoveries, it is no wonder this practicing holistic medicine enthusiast has personally researched, developed and hand formulated products of her own.

Ruth’s most popular remedy for poison ivy sufferers has found its way into homes all over the US. Ruth continues to provide all-natural herbal formula for many other health issues.

An advocate and certified herbalist of herbal medicine for over twenty years, Ruth’s success in remedying her own children, family and friends prompted her to offer her services to others using a combination of organic diet, herbal regimen and aromatherapy. Ruth now offers consultation services and formulates her products to meet each individual’s personal needs.

Alternative medicine has recently attracted the attention of many sufferers of a variety of ailments and has created confusing choices with the production of thousands of over the counter herbal products, teas and health foods. Ruth firmly believes in a teaching and healing approach to her practice. It is this philosophy that has developed her reputation and base of satisfied customers.

Ruth Abbott, founder and owner of Rabbott’s Remedies LLC, conducts classes on herbal medicine and is available for personal and confidential consultations.

For more information, contact Ruth Abbott at 207-543-6450 or ruth@rabbottsremedies.com  


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