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I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the poison ivy relief has worked. I started using it on Saturday and it is completely dried up. You are a miracle worker. To me, there's nothing worse than suffering through poison ivy. Thank you very much. If you would like me to try to sell it around here, I would be happy to do so, especially since I am so condident in it's results. Again, thanks so much for the poison ivy relief. (I LOVE the packaging!) - Susan Chernovetz  (MA)

Man, did that stuff you gave me work well.  Honestly, last time Jim got into some poison ivy he had some of the worst itching imaginable.  This time, while working by the camp, he managed to get some more of it all over his arms and legs.  He felt relief immediately after applying your medicine.  You really should consider marketing that stuff.  It's great!  I even use it for other skin problems.  Thanks, - Marie Killarney (ME)

Rabbott's Remedies All Natural Poison Ivy Relief does what every other product on the market can't do... It Works!!!  It clears up even the worst cases of poison ivy in just a few days.  As a mother of 2 children who are always coming in contact with poison ivy, I am very happy to have found this product.  It reduces the itching, redness and swelling quickly.  I use it every time I get poison ivy and amazed at the results every time.  - Christine Herczeg (CT)

In the summer of 97 I had encountered a bad case of poison ivy and couldn't get rid of it.  I was introduced to Ruth at a friends summer party.  Ruth offered me a product she had recently developed on her own.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I was.  The itching went away, the blistering stopped and within a few days there was no trace of it.  Over the years I've had similar episodes.  I reach for the bottle of Poison Ivy Remedy and the results remain the same.  I am truly a believer.  Thanks Ruth, - Glen Jordan  (ME)

Thank you so much for both of your letters. This battle with the poison ivy has been a real beast. My right arm was pretty bad. I had two major areas that kept oozing for days. Then someone told me about your product. I started using it and it has worked very well. It has helped to dry up most of the stuff so far in only two days. The poison ivy has been trying to make a comeback in a few areas as you mentioned in your second letter. I am confident that your product will help in those areas as well. I initially started to use the product
only 3 times a day. Now I am using it about every 4 hours. I am very pleased by the results so far. You should be commended about a such a fine product.

Thanks again for all your letters. You have a loyal supporter and fan from
now on.
I will keep you posted. Have a great week. - Scott (NY)

This product worked extremely well.
All poison ivy is in retreat. Man I never expected from Sat to Wed that it would dry up most of the ivy expecially as bad as I was on Saturday. Even while I was really bad, your product illiminated the itching problem. Again, many thanks for a great product. 

Take care. - Scott (NY)



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